Friday, November 26, 2010

I am not.

I am not user-friendly. Translation: hindi ako manggagamit. I am not going to scratch one's back, I have my own balls to scratch. I am not going to lick your ass, I'd rather lick something else. I'd rather be a bitch than be somebody's mop. I am not going to step on someone's toes to look taller. I am not going to befriend you because you have connections or because you are rich.

I am not a free loader. I have a friend, Fr Erik Adoviso. We used to be gourmands, we dine out almost every night. We will try every resto reviewed, every food featured. But when we discovered the word FITNESS, we gave up our dining adventure (we both want TLC be banned on cable TV, but hey, we're still watching most esp that show Man vs. Food) He eventually became vegetarian while I despised eating rice and drinking soft drinks ( I gave up beer for two years!). At dahil dun, wala nang nanlilibre sa akin. Of course, I will be invited in dinners, lunches, breakfasts, parties, etc. But still, I won't beg for a free lunch. Besides, I'm on a diet. At hindi rin po ako PG (no, not patay gutom, hindi po ako POOR GAY).

I am not available. The door is always open, the windows are wide enough for the elephant to enter my world. But if your business is to buy my loyalty, more than the friendship I offer, NO WAY. You cannot give me gifts to tell you a story about this and that. You cannot wring my long neck with a Swarovski in order for me to speak up against somebody else.

I am not a Gossip Girl. I have a friend who had a stroke and died because of a rumor. I wept not just because he was gone, I cried more because I didn't defend him. I kept quiet, I didn't stop those rumors. I HAVE LEARNED MY LESSON. I Hate Rumor Mongers. I Hate Rumor Mongers. I Hate Rumor Mongers. If there's anything I hate in this wonderful world, it's not the existence of cockroaches and rats, it's the fact that tsismosas and tsimosos are just within our midst. SO PLEASE, DON'T PASS A RUMOR TO ME.

I am not a wrecker. In correlation with me being no Gossip Girl, I will not exhaust my energy to put down someone. No way, sister. I will not be happy to see someone fall (unless it's a game or a competition, but still, after the game, it's back to normal) or rejected. I WAS REJECTED AND KICKED OUT by a lot of people in the past and I would not want anybody to experience the same. I am not going to bulldoze someone's career or dream. I am not going to PRAY FOR SOMEONE'S FAILURE (Ok, I prayed for Boston to that counted?)

I am not cheap. The truth is, the best things in me are FREE. I can lend my ears to listen to you. I can extend my hands, I can wrap my arms to warm you. I can offer you my shoulders, lean on them and you can even wet them with your tears. But you cannot afford my dignity, you cannot just step on it and stay alive.

I am not gay. Weh. :)

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