Monday, March 5, 2012

An open letter to my future nephew

Geez, I had to be 44 before I could become a real uncle.
I am used to be called Kuya, Sir, Pare, Ninong and yes, Mama Nich. Now that you’re coming real soon, I am feverish to the notion that somebody will finally call me Tito.
Your parents have a name for you already --- Nathaniel. Indeed, you are an angel, you will be our angel. We are deciding which nick would suit an angel like you. Nate or Nathan? But before you could be christened or called by different names or terms of endearment, let me, your loving Tito, call you My Neph.
My Neph, everyone is agog by your coming out. Excitement is an understatement of what we feel in our hearts.
Tita Elvie bought a baby drawer for you. Tita Elvie, as you will know, is a sister of Mama and our doting tagapag-alaga. All of us were reared by her; but it was your father, Benedick, our bunso, who became her favorite. In return, Benedick calls her Mommy Vie. So you, My Neph, would call Tita Elvie, Mommy Lola.
Tita Flor bought  a lot of baby items to fill that drawer. Those cute baby dresses, all in blue! Diapers, blankets, and pillows and many more. Tito Gerry promised that he will buy a crib for you, I am sure Tito Hernan will match that with a stroller perhaps. Tita Celia has been checking on your Mom, calling night and day from Chicago. Wala pa ba? Hindi pa nangnaganak si Myles? And Tito Junior, despite his speech impairment due to a massive stroke, is already practicing to mumble your name.
And us, your Papa Benedick’s brothers? We just couldn’t hide or contain it. This is really it. Finally. A baby. A nephew. Wow. The whole idea boggles us. The miracle of life is so awesome. Our bunso will soon become a father. Soon, a tiny tot will whisper to us that word: Tito. Oh Man, that would be the sweetest name, that would be a lovely music to our ears! Say it again, Tito.  
So My Neph, come out na. Please. I am already crying typing this. And I can imagine the deluge of tears when you finally cry out loud to announce to the whole world that you’re finally here. Those will be tears of joy, of triumph, of celebration, of appreciation, of thanksgiving, of LOVE.
I love you My Neph. Come out na ha.
Geez, I am already 44 and aTito.

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