Friday, December 12, 2008

find your angels

while on the net, background music was 'angels brought me here'. tis the season to be surrounded by angels. as they say, Christmas is for children and we are here to make it merrier for them. By saying children, we don't just mean our sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, godchildren or students... I mean, children with lesser things in life (or nothing at all except the shirts they are wearing). I mean the streetkids of Sampaloc and Aeta children of Barangay Diaz in Porac, Pampanga.

These kids are my angels and they surely brought me to a place where the true meaning of Christmas is found: our heart. In this heart we see our natural goodness, we just have to learn to nurture it well. If our hearts can only see that there are so many 'angels' needing our love.

On December 20, we will have this Christmas Party for 200 kids of Balic-Balic, Sampaloc, Manila. These kids are our 'students' in the various catechetical units in our Parish. These kids are mostly 'unschooled' and most definitely, 'unchurched'. As in they don't know Jesus Christ that much. So how can they celebrate Christmas without knowing the whole reason for the celebration? Thus, the weekly catechism. It's all about Him, Jesus Christ.

So far, so many friends have contributed for this party on the 20th. So many have responded to my request for toys and loot bags. Thank you very much to all of them but I also encourage all of them and all of you to PASS IT ON. Go, find your own angels. I'm sure nearby where you are living or working or studying, so many kids roaming around needing you. Embrace them, love them, make them closer to Jesus. And make yourself closer to Jesus.

It's not an easy task, I'm telling you. There will be doubts and people will misjudge you. People will question your intentions and will think you have hidden agenda. Despite of all these things, JUST DO IT. Just spread your wings and find your angels.

On December 21. I'm 'flying' to Porac, Pampanga to return to the Aeta community where I lived weeks ago. I'll be bringing little Christmas gifts to Aeta kids. But more than toys and dresses, I'll be sharing Christmas joy with them. This early, I can imagine their shrieks and giggles. This early, I anticipate their hugs and kisses. They will be singing songs, dancing 'low,low, low' (yes, they know that hiphop music!). They will be calling me Kuyaaaaaa! Ah, these angles of eate descent surely leave a big lump on my throat. They make me feel needed. They make me feel I'm an angel too.

Go ahead my friends, be an angel too. So many children are waiting for your love.

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