Saturday, July 3, 2010

Diary of a Basketball Fan 1: The Rules

I love basketball. But I love basketball players even more. I don't know why I am so attracted with those long legs and broad shoulders. Seriously, I have immersed myself to the sport in all these years of being a great fan. Although not exactly a junkie, I have learned to appreciate all those moves and stats. I understand the game. I can say that I know the rules.

I have also set some rules (for myself) as a fan. It's necessary to keep myself grounded and know the limits and parameters. If not for these rules, I would just come home frustrated and disappointed, even the team won the game that night. If I didn't draw the line, I would be forever have this grand illusion that all basketball players know me or owe me. reality bites, I don't have the franchise, I don't own a single basketball player, even I am the greatest fan in the entire universe.

Rule no. 1 You are not the girlfriend, you're just the fan. I always remind myself that and it gives me lesser heartaches. I cannot expect a hug from the basketball player who just got out of the shower. With no pretenses, I know where I stand. Sure I will forever wait there at the South Gate of Araneta Coliseum but I don't expect that the Player would come to me and say hello. But if he did, it's heaven. If I got the hug, it's a bliss. But for me, a simple hello would be comforting already.

Rule no. 2. You're not the only fan. My edge really is I could get inside the dugout. Or at least, I can stand there and wait right at the door. But the advantage stops there. I cannot act like a primadonna and snoot over other fans. Outside the South Gate, I wait for my turn to get a glimpse of my Idol. Sure I can easily grab him away from them all, but I don't want to be lynched or be hated by the other followers and supporters. Which brings me to rule no. 3

Be Friendly. Don't hate those screaming fags, I mean, fans. Some of them get (or bluntly ask for) transpo allowance from players. Some of them would actually ask you for some merienda. For me, the set-up is perfectly fine. If the player has the budget( some of them have financiers), why not? I am friendly with other fans because it gives me the feeling of not being alone. It helps to be friendly so that you can share those high fives or those tears. It's nice to chat with them and hear their stories. We have common enemy: nope, not the fans of other players but the girlfriend. And yes these fans are very loyal not only to the players but also to the friends and families of the players. But sorry, never to the girlfriend.

Rule no. 4. Don't ask for the jersey. Every ordinary fan does that and I am not an ordinary fan. I wait for the player to make the offer or at least to promise. Now, if you would expect that those promises will be fulfilled at the end of the season, you'd only be disheartened. I am sobeyond that. I can be a fan without the jersey. But yes, I have the jersey of the some of the best UAAP players. And I didn't have to beg for them. Up to now, some players who promised to give their jerseys but didn't would tell me, huy, may utang pa ako sa'yo. I will just smile. I can live with that.

Rule no. 5. Don't come to the party or dinner if you're not invited. I am fan and not a gatecrasher. I am a follower not a stalker. I am supporter not a free rider. I can buy myself a dinner, thank you.

Rule no. 6. Don't be clingy. Most players are straight men. Some are bi, some have gay benefactors. Whatever is the orientation, I don't wrap myself around the player. I don't hug, I wait for the player to hug or to buss (some actually do).

Rule no. 7 Don't pick a fight. I will shout my heart out. I will yell for them to make these shots. I will curse the bad luck but never the man beside who's rooting for the other team. Be a good sport, basketball is supposed to be fun and should not be the cause of my death.

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