Tuesday, July 20, 2010

diary of a basketball fan 2: my love affair with the archers

I don't remember when and how it happened. All I know is despite the fact that I'm proudly Tomasino, I'm in love with the Green Archers.

This will reveal my age, my fascination with the Archers started with Dindo Pumaren and the Lago brothers. (I became a fan of Bigote, I mean Coach Franz (Sorry Odette) when he was already with Magnolia, I think.) I remember those were the years UST was unstoppable and instead of celebrating with Golden Tigers (before), I wept with Dindo. The image of him sprawled on the floor crying like a little boy is forever etched to my memory bank.

Fast forward to Renren Ritualo's time. Correct me please, but I believe his last championship game was against my alma mater, UST. It was the Archers' turn to be unstoppable and Renren was the spark plug for the team. The image of him standing on the ledge, waving and saying goodbye to everybody brought some goosebumps. If I could only hug him that time, I would.

Then came the time of BJ and Mike. BJ faced the booing crowd, yes those Ateneans who hated him so much for transferring to the fiercest rival school. BJ showed to everybody it was all worth it . Despite the chants, win or lose, it's the school we choose, BJ proved he made the better choice.

Mike, the cool cat, entered the court like how we was billed. UAAP was so out of his league. He was the best.

Both of them had un-happy endings with DLSU. I was just too happy to be with them, even in those hard times. Those endless hate emails and faxed white paper (for Mike's case, the cool cash story) won't stop me from believing that they are the good guys here. Through BJ and Mike, I met also the wonderful guys around: Mike Gavino, JayR Aqunio, Manny Ramos and even the late Migs.

Next men on line were Jun2, Mac and Joseph. I called them the party set, along with PJ and Ryan. But hey, even ballers need a break. I am glad that both Mac and Joseph have found their matches and married them. I just hope Jun2 will find his too (although I still root for Ria F). I really love Jun2, Mac and Joseph. But that will require another write-up.

Then the ever humble Jvee, rich kid but always pleasant TY, and the down-to-earth Cholo came to the picture and of course the gentle but menacing, Rico. These guys remain the same, sweet and lovable.

It's now the time of my nephews and babies: Simon, Joel, LA (sayang not playing this year), Maui and the rookies and sophies who would soon lead the Archers to great redemption.

And like a cycle, my very first Archer'crush' is coaching the Green Archers. Go Coach Dindo!

I will try to write more about this love affair next time.

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