Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The G-Word

Half of me feels for her, half not. The truth is I was not really close-close to her. I got to know her only thru her boyfriend, her ex rather. The boyfriend's perennial question to me was: have you seen my girlfriend? There was an exasperating time I almost snapped back: I'm here. As if I really care. OMF! OK, I really care for the boyfriend and I would always locate the girlfriend for him. Somehow I get this silly feeling that the boyfriend made me his girlfriend-GPS. I felt so valuable to him that I had to overcome my innate gerlaluphobia – extreme fear of girlfriends. Really.

But the unexpected, which I half-expected, half-prayed for actually, happened. They broke up. The more unexpected thing was this: she opened up to me. I told her I was not the perfect person to talk to, I am biased, I am opinionated, I am a bitch and to top it all, I love her ex-boyfriend.

After we’d talked, I found myself feeling for her, at least half of me felt for her. No, it isn't sympathy. No, I won't join the hate campaign against the ex-boyfriend (repeat after me: I love the ex-boyfriend). No, it doesn't mean we are already tight. She just entrusted to me her version of the story and I just listened. That was it. Heavily opinionated that I am, I knew I made some comments about the boy, about the girl, about them, and yes, about moving on.

The girl wants to move on but first, she has to hear him say the word Goodbye.

Suddenly, that G-word became so important, so vital to one's moving on. Tell me about it, how long she would wait for the G-word? What if the boy refuses to say it or believes he has already done so? Does goodbye really matter? What if nobody wants to say goodbye because they still expect there's hello again?

Is the G-word really that essential for you to live your life again? Do you really say goodbye or you just block him or her on Facebook? Do we deserve a goodbye from a failed relationship? Do we really need, or expect someone, to say it? Is the G-word a must to finally claim that there was closure?

Half of me felt for the ex-girlfriend, half of me believes that all she wants is to see him again. And for that I wish her another G-word: GOOD LUCK!

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