Monday, January 10, 2011

The S-word

The more I have it, the more I want it. Clearly, it's an addiction to S, not shabu, not sex, not shopping. My S addiction is this: sleeping. It's a talent, a gift, a past time. I can sleep anywhere, at any position, at any given time. Sometimes, I wake up only to sleep again. Or I sleep to have the energy to sleep and sleep.

I have slept watching a boring UAAP game or a Sharon Cuneta concert; considering basketball and Sharon are two of my favorites. I have slept while having sex, no not after but during, while somebody was doing something to me and I was just too sleepy to get a hard-on.

My ex-boss hated making a client call with me. On our way to client or back to our office, I will just sleep while he drove. Long travels are my opiums, giving me the luxury to sleep and sleep. One time, on a trip to Cebu, I was wakened up by a handsome steward (his name is Rancy and I think he's gay too) to tell me that they have to clean up the plane and I was the last passenger remaining. And do I have to tell you how many times I missed my bus stops for sleeping? I hated walking back but I could sleepwalk on top of the world.

This is the reason why I don't watch TV alone, whether it's Imortal, Glee, or TLC. I will be sleeping right at the first commercial gap. If it's a good movie, I will try to fight off the temptation as moviehouses are paradise for sleepaholics like me. If it's really a bad movie like Rosario, I'd take my money's worth by snoring for the whole Trinoma to hear.

I have slept in Wensha steam room and the attendants thought I had an attack. I have slept in a couch of a Gilly's, not of drunkenness but because I thought the DJ was playing a lullaby. How many Christmases, get togethers, gimmicks, parties, night outs that they have found me sleeping or sleepy in a corner? My, I could sleep atop the toilet bowl just to escape my crazy friends or relatives. They can knock like hell but I am already knocked off in deep slumber.

So that's my secret, my S addiction. Now you know, you better excuse me as I try to catch some S-word again.

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