Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My Thank You List

I no longer remember the last time I wrote a full blog. Technically, it wasn’t even a blog because it was not virtually published. Meaning, I just pounded my keyboard to digitally make a journal but it didn’t see publication in any of my blogsites.
Moving forward, as we all look up and forward, onto year 2014, I am writing a blog (at this point, it is just a draft, hope I would get internet connection and have it ‘blogged’).
And the best way to start a new blogging year is to express gratitude. Yes, a thank you list.  This is personal but some of things and people I am thankful for may be not directly about me or for me.

Here goes:

1.    The Volunteers – they should be no. 1 in my own book of gratitude. From Zamboanga to Bohol to Leyte; from Sagip Kapamilya to Habitat for Humanity, from Oplan Hatid to Red Cross, from NGOs to private individuals.

2.    The Yolanda Survivors – I will never forget these words from a woman whose house was totally washed out, ‘tuloy pa rin ang buhay, iho; Salamat sa Diyos, buhay pa kami.’ Thank you for reminding me about true faith. Thank you for showing me how to be really thankful, despite and in spite of everything.

3.    The Family – I lost an uncle on a day an aunt returned home from the States. We were supposed to be rejoicing but we ended up grieving. Talking about perfect timing. Yes, it was the most perfect time to bond, to be strong for each other.

4.    The One Friend: Fr. Erik Adoviso – his short and simple text at the last hour of 2013 was an affirmation that I have at least one genuine friend.

5.    The First Nephew - Nathan is a walking light bulb. He brightens up the day, even at his worst tantrum fit. Barely 2 years old, he has mastered use of iPad and iPhone, both of which I don’t even have. A Jollibee addict, a Bossing fan and already a Barangay Ginebra supporter --- all of which I hate but won’t make me love him less.

6.    The DLSU Green Archers – they have to be on my list. It’s a great year and as Coach Juno said, the team is going to be better next (this) year. Indeed, greatness never ends for the Archers. Special mention to AVO. The guy is really gorgeous and he has tremendously improved as a player.

7.    The Unwavering Friendship – It is hard to be Tonichi Fernandez and it’s harder to put up with one Tonichi Fernandez. But thank God for the gift of friendship as people who matter in my life stayed on for me and, fingers crossed, would stay for and with me forever. Special mention to Nanay Becka, Tita Beth, Fr. Jek and Sis. Emy. With them, bawal ang sad. Thank you for making me smile and laugh. Thank you also to Drei Villar. Also to DLSU friends. Tita Vi, Tita Nympha, Tita Carol and Bar. Tito Ed, Tito Manny and Arvin. Bea and Camille. Cricket, Les and Pam. And yes, Tita Ginna Capistrano. Of course, Kris Aldover and Rich Ysmael. Krissy, you are an angel!

8.    The Partners – For me, they are not just officemates or colleagues. They are not just bosses or superiors. 2013 was so testy for me; career was not really that steady but hey, I managed to survive. I don’t know where 2014 will take me --- but like Kris Aquino, despite the ups and downs, I am not going anywhere. Thanks to Minell, AMF, Ms Beng, Bossing Miguel, Jackie, Miss Babes, Teenay, Manny, Isay, Ashley, Axcel. Thank you also to Anne Curtis, so pleasant to work with! I have to mention Larry, Jules, Mother Judith, Janet, Karen and the wonderful people of CDO and Bacolod. Pabalikin nyo na ako dyan!   
9.    The Social Network – Got reconnected with wonderful people like Michele Arandela, Cecil Santos and Jim Libiran, kept me always in touch with everybody
--- From Ireland to the States, from Dubai to Davao, from Sampaloc to Switzerland. Got crazy comments from Joel Pelayo, got prayers from Glad Adefuin, got hugs across the globe. Chatted with my man-crush, flirted with basketball players and hooked up with _________________. Thank you FB, Tumblr and IG.

10. My Brothers – I promised myself to be less dramatic in 2014, so no tears here, ok? Just thank you my brothers. I guess, over and above friends who put up with me, my brothers are those who are most patient with me. Thank you also to my sis-in-law Miles.

Lastly, I thank the Lord Jesus Christ. For everything, for every piece of me, for every second of my life --- a sinner like me doesn’t deserve all Your Love and Mercy, but You took me in Your Arms and gave me unlimited second chances. 

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