Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Push and Delete

After my thank you list, here are my wishes for 2014. Again, this is personal, all of me and for me. 

PUSH for Good Health. I will push for a health card and will re-assess my Philhealth. You will never know really. I brought someone in a hospital and saw myself that it was really horrible and difficult not to have an HMO.
DELETE negativity and toxicity. The biggest killers really are from within, what we store in our heart, what we keep in our mind, and what we really (and don’t) digest in our stomach.

PUSH for Fitness. It’s my only guilty pleasure, if you would call it one. It’s expensive to keep the membership but when I actually stopped for 3 months, I gained back massive weight and my core area grew back an island on its own.
DELETE extra-curricular activities. Actually, I have long given up hedonist lifestyle; you know, party-party, drink and be merry attitude. I won’t give up Jack Daniel’s though but promise to take it easy.

PUSH for Healthy Diet. I remember not eating rice for two years, not a single grain. No soda, no beer, no chocolates, no burger, no Starbucks, no ice cream. It was not healthy. Sure, I lost weight, even went down to 57k. But I also lost appetite, as in I puke every time would try to eat. It led me to mild depression. It made me grumpy and unhappy.
DELETE my passion for sweets. Ok, will keep my sweetness ala-Kathryn Bernardo but will TRY to stay away from Hershey’s, Reese’s, M&M’s and their cohorts.

PUSH for Juicing up, for Nilagang Saging, Kamote at Itlog, for Lean Meat and for Oatmeal. That was my secret before and will do it again.
DELETE deprivation. Won’t give in to unnecessary cravings but will not deprive self, sounds contradictory, but surely I will find ways or alternatives. Basta, no to deprivation. I can cheat and eat, everything in moderation and in correct pacing/timing.

PUSH for Happiness. It’s an endless pursuit as they say, but hey, it’s just ‘around the corner’, deep within us, all around us. I will make myself happier in 2014. I will have the courage to talk to my man-crush, I will watch more movies (in 2013, I think the only time I actually went to the mainstream cinema was during the MMFF for Kimmy Dora, I missed a lot!), I will have more time to smell the flowers and fly a kite. I will have more time for Nathan. I will fall in love to a real person. I will run, go to the beach (Puerto Galera, I super miss you), climb a mountain again, BIKE!, I will travel more (BATANES, VIETNAM, THAILAND --- WISH NGA EH!) I will DANCE AGAIN.
DELETE Negative Vibes. I have long deleted nega people on my FB account. Those arrogant, nosy stalkers and rumor mongers, I will delete them in my life. Those self-righteous, all-knowing, all-talk-do-nothing ‘church’ people, I will be Cory Aquino (stoic, icy, just praying the rosary in order not to notice that they still exist) to them.

PUSH for Kindness. As I pray for patience every praying time, I also wish that I will be a little kinder. Kinder to myself, kinder to my brothers and Titas, kinder to my neighbors. Kinder to strangers (huwag mo lang Ate i-flip yang hair mo sa face ko ha, baka i-push kita sa FX), kinder to women.

DELETE Hatred. It’s my advocacy to hate hate. No rejections, no discrimination, no bullying. No fighting on FB, no back-stabbing, no trash talking. No homophobia, no religious BS. No hate.   (To Kobe Bryant haters, may you rest in peace. You just have been deleted).

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