Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Guy Crushes

And so I was asked, who are my guy crushes? In this age of social network, of angry and flappy birds, of selfies and foodporn --- having a guy crush is like a status. It could be gone or get flooded in 10 seconds. You post-it to your mind but then again, you can forget about it. Then you will see the guy again, you'd remember, ah I got a crush on you, pare. 

So for being so game --- and so gay (as if you don't know that already) --- I will tell the whole social network who are my guy crushes. Here goes. No names, just images. And from here you'd see why I ogle.

A little game: The person who can tell the names of the guys below will get a pizza. (Not lower than five names, some are easy; the one with most number of correct names wins).

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