Tuesday, March 11, 2014


The only thing constant in this world is not really change but FAITH.

A few weeks ago I posted a question on my Facebook status: how do you change religion? Not a few PM-ed and commented,some friends are concerned, some gave valuable pieces of advice, some reminded me it's not religion, it's not the institutional church that will lead me to salvation but FAITH.

For the record, I am not changing my religion. My Catholic faith is solid and steadfast. But yes, I have several questions on this Church where I belong; way past Vatican 2, way past 2000 years after Christ's resurrection, one would think that it hasn't really evolved or changed with the times.

But I will not dwell on that. I'd rather talk about my personal 'battle' - between me and myself. I have already forgotten about the incident that led me to the question: 'how do you change religion?' Until last Saturday, at the baptism reception of my friend's son.

A co-servant chided me about people in the parish not ready for 'changes'. She was talking about the activities for Lent. She was talking about people who asked questions about these 'changes'. Me included. And for asking questions, we are labelled 'not ready for change.' 

(I didn't want to argue with her, we were in a reception that welcomes a child  to the Christian world. Isn't it ironic?)

Those changes were exactly the premises of my questions. Why are we going back to 'everything centralized'? Whatever happened to BEC orientation? The reasons they gave for the 'changes' they are imposing  irked me: gusto naming itama yung mga ginagawa ng area, minsan tatlo lang sila, minsan naglalagay pa ng wish...minsan sila-sila lang, mali-mali pa. Gusto namin worship activity talaga...'

Onto the personal battle between me and myself I have this question: Is it me who is not ready for change, or we haven't really changed at all as a Church? 

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