Monday, January 17, 2011

Top Five Diet Plans in 2011

This is how I ate in 2010 and I will continue to do so in 2011:

1. Meatless lunch at least twice a week.

2. No extra rice to half rice to no rice at all.

3. No snacks or if you must, try vegetable juice like carrot or malunggay juice. Some fruit juices have too much sugar but you can also try grape and jackfruit.

4. Eat More Fish. protein from the sea is definitely better than any meat, even white meat.

5. No junk food. Sodium, sugar and everything harmful and addictive, that's why they are called junks.

And here are the sins, when it comes to eating, I committed in 2010 that I hope to stop or moderate in 2011.

1. I love all the desserts at Cocktales in Trinoma. As they say, desserts are stress busters.

2. I am a buffet warrior. From Spiral to Yakimix to Dads to ABSCBN parties. Hopefully, I would have the power to say no to all buffets (Good luck to me!)

3. Japanese burger and shawarma.

4. Hazelnut Choco and Quezo Real ice cream from Selecta; Pistachio and Tiramisu Ice Cream from Amici. Yummy!

5. Sub zero beer in Foodlocker. Can anybody resist this one?

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