Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Top Five People to Block, Unfriend and Unfollow in 2011

They are everywhere, so beware. Here goes.

1. Miserable people wanting you to be miserable too. As they say, misery loves company. But hold it, don't let yourself be drawn and get drowned by this type of people. For them listening to their vents is never enough, you have to actually find your own miseries. Feeling for them is not sufficient, you have to actually despair and feel frustrated in life even you have no reason to. That's the truth, they are miserable and desperate and they want everybody else to be the same.

2. Rumor mongers. Their tongues are bladed, their words are the fiercest weapon man has ever invented. Rumors do kill people so why let them float? Stay away, stay away or be swayed.

3. Posers and Fakes. They don't just steal or assume identities, they make you believe they are what they are not and they are not what they are. They project to be caring and protective friends; the truth is, they just want to hear your stories so that they will have stories to tell to somebody else. They will feed you not just stale food but wrong info about other people and about themselves. They pretend to be sweet, religious and kind hearted but the truth is, they swarm your FB photos to make up stories. They stalk you to have something to talk about. They don't care if you're a priest or a basketball player, all they want is your CI.

4. Nega. Nitpicking is their hobby, finding fault is an achieved skill. Kvetching is their favorite past time, venting ires and tempers is like a second skin. They are never proactive, they never do anything except to yak and yak and yak. Their tweets, wall posts and statuses are all about everything B-A-D. Nothing and no one is too good for them except themselves. As Desiderata states, they are vexations to the spirit, so why do we have friends like them?

5. Plagiarists. An SC justice, speech writers of MVP, a prof from UP ---- they did it and it doesn't mean it's cool to follow. So please, if you'd post a quotation, make sure you don't claim it as your own. If you can't cite or footnote the source, don't make it appear it's your original. If you'd write a note or a blog, make sure your idea is not copied or derived from another blog. Stealing blogs is a cyber-crime. Plagiarism is a crime. Intellectual property is protected by law. You don't want to be labeled criminals or have friends like them.

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