Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top Five in 2011

Part 1: Top Five words/phrases we should stop using in 2011

1. Dude. This is so 90's and we should finally give our requiem to this word; it has already served its purpose and extinguished its coolness. Even the ambulant vendor in our neighborhood would say, dude bj? [he meant, kuya bili ka ng buko juice?]

2. Everything that's repeated like major-major, really-really, very-very. I don't know why celebrities would always "Thank you very, very much to Someone Up There most especially to God and to my parents, my mother and father, I really, really love you, all of you". Venus Raj and Ryan Bang became both famous and notorious for saying major-major and really-really respectively in 2010, time we all moved on.

3. Epic. And we are not talking about Beowulf here. Everything huge, and disastrous like Ondoy, have become that, epic. If you didn't meet expectations or got ditched by your gf, you say, epic fail. The hostage crisis in Luneta is all that, epic and a failure. Rosario, that bad movie of Manny Pangilinan tried to be epic in porportion but ended up epic shortfall. So let's all erase everything 'epic' and use the word properly like 'have you read the epic El Cid?'

4. Msg Me. Did you inbox me? Have you opened my PM? I msged you last night and you didn't msg back. Let's stop talking Facebook-Greek here.

5. Be, Bes, BFF. I am sure your friend will appreciate it more if you will call him or her by first name. Besides, friends who swore on forever ended up worst enemies. Go ask Ping and Erap.

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