Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top Five in 2011: Part 2

Top Five People I Wish Not to See or Hear in 2011

1. Bishop Oscar Cruz. As a Catholic, I will defend my faith and my religion. But that doesn't mean I will defend members of the clergy who swagger their habits to manipulate others in their flock. This Bishop should stop blabbering or people think he's demented or simply KSP. Just yesterday he quipped that devotion to Black Nazarene proved that we're in deep poverty. I don't know where he studied Philo 102 (Logic) but he's implying that we cling to God because we are poor. Hello, Bishop, it is called FAITH. We believe, we pray, we worship, we join the procession, we touch, we cling, we weep... all because of FAITH. How about you Bishop, you talk a lot because of what? MOney? Hmmmm, jueteng money?

2. Raymond Gutierrez and Tim Yap in Party Pilipinas. So gay but they refused to be labeled such. Well, that's their right and I don't really give a damn if they are closeted or posers or bis. All I am caring about are the children watching them. Parental Guidance tag is not enough. It's not of being gay that they make them bad for TV, it's the fact that they are what they are.

3. Katrina-Hayden-Vicky. I saw Hayden at Fully Booked, Boni High last Tuesday night. He looked fresh and rich. Dear Katrina, the guy is having the time of his life! Vicky, the guy is spending your money! Hahaha! Enough already. Please. What happens in your bedroom and videocam should stay in your bedroom and memory card or laptop. Spare us.

4. Brazilian Models. They are gorgeous but poor and making us all look foolish in drooling over them. Time to look for fresh, new talents who are true-blooded Pinoys.

5. TV5 News Team. They all look the same that they might as well tagged as The Discards. Really. Luchi should realize that TV is a cruel medium and even the most talented, most intelligent Maria Ressa has long accepted that. Luchi doesn't look and sound good on TV, notwithstanding the crisp HD camera of TV5. And Erwin? Lourd? Better shut up people, YOU SIMPLY DON'T HAVE THE TALENT. And Paolo? Remember the Pnoy Presscon with Mel and Ted? Paolo was disastrous there and he never recovered. I just pity Sheryl Cosim. Wrong move, girl.

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