Friday, September 9, 2011

Being OK

‘Okay lang yun, J.”

“Hindi ok yun, hindi ok sa kanila yun, mahirap mag-explain.’

Sometimes, in trying to comfort someone, we always utter the darn thing: it’s ok.  Or even the otherwise is obvious; we still try to bring sunshine to a dark moment.

Condolence, are you OK?

Of course, somebody who just lost a mother is not OK.

Of course, losing a game and missing the ride to the Final Four is never OK.

But still, we say it. Ok lang.

As a write this, I am sick. Yesterday somebody texted, see a doctor now! But I texted back, I will be OK.

That’s me!

In putting up a brave front, I say that: OK lang ako,  even I am not.

In showing strength, I muster enough courage and poise, like a beauty queen in a question and answer portion, just to let the world know that: I’m OK!. Even I am crying inside. Even I am hurting.

In trying to be undaunted by the trying times, I ask for prayers but still manage to say, don’t worry I’m Ok. When the fact is, I am so scared.

I remember one quip from a famous impersonator: I am Ok, but I don’t know if I am alright.

That’s my current state actually.

But still, with so much faith, soon I will be OK-alright.

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