Friday, September 23, 2011


Sometimes, listening to conversations of strangers makes you feel better about life.

Yesterday after yoga and light work-out, I passed by three lady-sidewalk vendors in front of UP-PGH:
‘Ayan, di na tayo haggard…’ one lady said after applying baby powder at her face.
‘Oo nga, para kahit matumal benta, tayo ay maganda’  another quipped.
‘Tamaaaaa, pa-retouch nga rin….’ The last lady agreed.

 I looked at them and smiled. Yes, they are beautiful in my eyes.


 This morning, two prep boys were a pew behind me during Mass.

‘Our Father in heaven, holy be…’ the first boy, loudly and proudly recited.
‘…Your Kingdom come…’ the other boy was confident, too.
..Amen,’  they chorused.
Communion time, I heard the first boy said:
‘Sabi ni Teacher, di pa tayo pwedeng mag-communion….’
‘Ok lang, teacher said din naman,’  the other boy answered, ‘Jesus is always inside the hearts of kids like us.’

I looked at them and smiled. Jesus is right, if only we can have the kind of faith little ones possess.


On my way to work, a male student from CEU-Makati was talking to somebody on his phone:

‘Ma, wag mo na po akong ibili nyan, di ko kailangan ko yan…Ipunin mo na lang po, Ma…I don’t need an Ipad, promise…Ok lang po ako…Opo….eh, Ma, ok pa po naman tong phone ko…’
‘Ma, pogi na ako, di ko na kailangang magpapogi sa gadgets, hehehe…Opo, nag-aaral nga po akong maige, para di ka na bumalik diyan…para magkasama na tayo…Miss na miss na kita, Ma….’
‘Ma, lapit na ako baba, bye na po, ingat ka diyan Ma ha, don’t worry about me Ma, good boy tong pogi mong anak, hehehe…’
‘Ma…I love you!’

I looked at him and smiled. Whoever thought ‘corny kasing mag- I love you’  in that Nescafe TV commercial must listen to this young man [ and in fairness, pogi talaga siya].

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