Thursday, September 15, 2011

Celebrating Life

“Here is the test to find whether your mission on earth is finished: If you’re alive, it isn’t.”

I am still alive. I got varied, some violent, reactions from last blog about my ‘last will’. Some people aren’t really comfortable talking about death. I am cool about it. I cannot say I am ready for it, nobody will ever be. But I would like to be prepared. It’s not about life plan or insurance (I don’t have any) but more of making my life worthy for something truly eternal.

I thank God every morning I wake up, it only means I’m still alive. More than a decade ago, I attempted to commit suicide. But no way I am gonna do it again. I love life and my life. There are things I want to tweak or delete, there are things I want to undo or redo --- and so on and so forth; but still, I love my life as is, where is. It comes with a nice little package with everything on it --- no more, no less, no matter how imperfect.

I am celebrating life, I am living my life. Years ago, I met a freaky accident. Everybody was hurt, most especially the driver, except me. I went out of the vehicle in a stoic manner, like nothing happened. I was in space. I remembered I had a book, I was actually reading that book when the FX we were riding in collided with a bum truck. I found the book across the street, way, way far from the accident scene. The title of the book: Journeying with the Spirit.

I am still alive. My journey isn’t over yet. My mission has just started. My life has just begun. And I am living and loving every second of it.

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